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NanoHouse project in some words:


NanoHouse collaborative project is funded by the European Commission in the frame of FP7 programs: NMP-2009-1.3-1 & ENV.2009. "Activities towards the development of appropriate solutions for the use, recycling and/or final treatment of nanotechnology-based products".

This project started January 2010 for a duration of 42 months (until 06/2013) and a total budget of 3.1 M.

Collaborative project n 247810


This project aims at promoting a responsible and sustainable development of nanomaterials in building industry through a Life Cycle Thinking approach.


Nanomaterials can bring great advantages to building industry for sustainable development. Indeed, nanoparticles can increase the resistance to ageing (UV, mechanical stress, etc.) of construction materials particularly paints and coatings; they can replace toxic organic biocides and they can be advantageously used for air purification, thermal insulation, self cleaning, etc. Nevertheless, the development of nanomaterials in this economic area can develop dynamically only if the safety of humans and the environment is satisfactorily resolved. As far as human chronic exposure is concerned, addressing the issue of safety, and consequently of acceptability of nanoproducts calls for a focus on the places where people live. In this perspective, buildings and individual houses are critical in that, they constitute the major surrounding of people in developed countries.


The nine partners involved in NanoHouse project are generating missing data on the potential exposure levels and the hazard due to this chronic exposure for 2 nanoparticle types: nano silver and nano titanium dioxide contained in indoor and outdoor coatings and paints. Both direct and indirect exposures (through the environment to human: vegetables, drinking water) are considered. 


NanoHouse partners actively support the European Nanosafety Cluster!

Peter Wick: Lausanne 03/2010,

Bernd Nowack: Ispra 04/2010,

Peter Hoet: Edinburg 06/2010,

S. Zuin: Prague 12/2010,

Peter Wick: next session

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